About Us

I am Priyadarshni Bhatia Mrs. India 2018 the beautiful soul title winner.Also a model. The purpose of the institution is to improve overall personality of the candidate, to overcome their flaws to enhance their skills and also take care of their walk and their posture. We help a candidate with all kind of guidance like, Diet, Exercise, Clothing, way of talking, presentation & appearance etc. We provide them guidance for various platform through which they can prove themselves. We have expert team to maintain all step of pageantry through which candidate can able to prove themselves on various platform


Our Motto

Our Motto is to support women empowerment. To prove women on various platforms. As woman is capable to do various type of task beautifully.


How we do

We train our student by individual sessions. The trainers were dedicated to their work and find best out of you. They give important tips, Do and don’t to you.


Is coaching useful?

Coaching makes you confident . The team will prepare you for all ups and downs of pageantary & modelling. We here help you to overcome your flaws and strengths .


Why Coaching?


As an individual living and working in a highly complex and competitive society, you must recognize and understand the impact of your appearance as it communicates first to you and then to others. While it is important to like what you wear and the way you look, it is more important to understand why or why not and specifically how this affects you, others and your life and the achievement of your goals.Proper grooming and professional appearance is important to both men and women. Lack of these may lead to poor image and may interfere with your chance of getting good impression and positive feedback’s from your workmates and superiors. Though perfection is myth but one can try to become the person they have dreamy about thats why coaching is important as it will directly help you in personality development and led to achieve your goals. It can improve your performance in every field not only in modelling, even you can win a pageant.

Key Benefits of Coaching:

Better communication

Does your interview let you down? Do you find yourself struggling in a social setting? How do you talk to people? Is your lack of communication skills holding you back? Could you brush up your conversation to become a better networker?

Accelerate change

You want to transform your interview, your on stage rounds, etiquette, poise or confidence a coach acts as a catalyst and helps you get the results you want fast.People with coaches’ move faster and get promoted more quickly to where they want to be.

Individual attention

This intensive focus coupled with total support and trust sets up a unique relationship where magic can happen! .You get regular personal time to focus 100% on you and your concerns, goals and dreams – something which is incredibly rare.




Our Courses




Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to support each and every student with beauty pageant training here in India, with a vision of making our home-grown Indian beauty queens amongst the most excellent, and elegant, in the world.

To cater to not only the requirements of established and aspiring models rather to become a link to make everlasting bonds with the Film industry, Fashion and Advertising.A one-stop-shop to cater to the requirements of a model through maintaining a large database of national and international professional photographers, Fashion Stylists, Make-up artists & Hairstylists.

Our Mission is to raise the standard within competitions so that our students demonstrate excellence from completing an initial competition entry form to the moment a winner is crowned and taking the next steps to a national or even international final.

By studying with us you can be assured of the finest coaching and guidance. It is our hope to not only set you on your path to personal excellence, but to share in your continued journey to success.


Become Our Model

To be the best, you must train with the best! Professional Pageant Interview Coaching from the Interview Room to the stage

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Personality plays a important roll in life. Development of the organized pattern of behaviors and attitude that makes a person distinctive personality to get positive thought given confidence, improve behavior learn communication and develop a healthy physique.

Learn strength

Learn weakness

Your USP

General Awareness

Time management

Important tips

Fitness tips

Diet plan 


Body language

-How to sit

-How to stand

-How to greet


- Physical appearance

-What suits you

-Dress according you

Effective communication

-How to greet

-Listening skills


Your child will be different among several. The way of talking greeting someone shows what child learns from parents.

The posture the confidence builds a strong personality.

Age Group
5 – 7 years
7 – 9 years
9 – 12 years
12 - 15 years

Phase 1 – Effective Communication

The communication is a effective tool.Introduction and greeting other with effective communication skill.

- Introduction

- How to great

- Listening skills

- Thank fullness

Phase 2 - Etiquette management

Help to going confidence by learning social behavior. How to show their etiquette to build their self-esteem and to increase self confidence

- How to host

- How to attend guest

- Use of courtesies.

Phase 3 – Table management

We help child to learn table behavior. How to play activity or game of table. Also the child will learn five star dinning etiquette.

- Arriving the table

- Table manner

- How to handle utensils

- How to eat a soup

-  How to a leave.

Get gorgeous looks, catch attraction of everyone, improve your personality. The training help
you shine in most vital situation called marriage. To become a magnificent bride.

Gorgeous Bride Lesson.

It helps you to become more beautiful, fascinations. To manage your skin and hairs

- Make up –I

- Make up –II

-  Skin care

- Hair care

- Hair style

Adorable Bride lesson in this module.

When you interact to the people you will favorable it improve, presentation poise, manner made you a perfect social savvy.

High etiquette Bride

Most of all social & Business interaction are, on the dining table. You can impress people around you by your sophisticated table etiquette.

- Dinning  Etiquette

- Restaurant Etiquette

- Planning a dinner party

- Table manner

- How raise a toast

- Understanding you crockery

 Impressive Bride lesion

As you know first impression is last impression. How to look impressive, discover some new style for you.

- How to dress for occasion

- Draping a source

- New style in you

- Fitness

Training gives you confidence to appear in front of audience in this we train you for appearance interview coaching ,hair and makeup dressing and walk etc your

Overall personality is transformed

- Better look

- Perfect personality

- The walk

- The fitness goal

- The diet

- Makeup

- Posing

- Maintain social media


- Wardrobe preparation

- Skin care and styling

- Casting

- TV commercials

- Model portfolio development

- Finding suitable agency

- Industries  scams

- Model Do’s and Don’ts

Training gives you confidence to appear in front audience in this we train for appear g hair and many dressing and walk etc. your overall personality is transformed














- Stillposs

- Postire

- Make up

- Dinniy addicates

- Clothe

- Wardrobe preparae

- Shopping

- Kitchen make our tips

- One gym session

- Exercise chart

- Comfort us stylish

- Ramp pose